Press Statement On List of Bogus Nursing, Nurse Assistant, Nurse Aid Institutions.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press
About two months ago, you were invited and informed about current developments of the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE). Those development included measures employed by the NCHE for the improvement of the Higher Education Institutions regulations. Among others are revising of policies, established authentic list of accredited HEIs by categories in the NCHE for public information, search for bogus or illegal post-secondary or tertiary institutions operating and awarding credentials in Liberia.
During that period, 6 bogus institutions identified were disclosed and ordered closed, 4 others with concerned credentials (Having Provisional Permits) were required to apply appropriately, and be properly assessed by the Quality Assurance Department, and the authentic list of accredited institutions by the NCHE was released to the Press & Public. As it stands, since 2017 there has been no newer accreditation of any institution by the NCHE. Although, its functions are being carried out effectively amidst serious budgetary challenges.
Today, we have called you to inform the public about 13 more illegal post-secondary institutions identified by the NCHE. Interestingly, these bogus institutions identified claim to train and educate students at tertiary level in nursing, nurse-aid, and nurse assistant programs with total disregard to the NCHE. The heads of these concerned institutions were invited for conference, and afterward ordered to seize operations, and close their respective programs. They were guided to follow the appropriate accreditation procedures by the NCHE, provided they desire to exist legitimately. The concerned institutions are mentioned below.
As enshrined in the Act that established the Commission of the Higher Education, it shall execute the following mandates:

a) to formulate broad-based policy guidelines for the establishment of institution of higher education in Liberia, and to coordinate and serve as principal liaison between institutions of learning from post-secondary level;

b) to monitor, evaluate and accredit all institutions of higher learning;
c) to improve new and existing programs of higher education for funding, after having satisfied itself of their needs for national development;

d) to review existing programs at institutions of higher education with the aims of establishing programs of study based on national needs.
Any institutions operating in Liberia without the approval or operational permit by the NCHE is operating in total violation. And anyone attending an institution not accredited by the NCHE is doing so at their own risk. Furthermore, any person or persons involved with the operations of post-secondary schools or is intending to venture in such undertaking must seek guidance and approval from the NCHE. The pillars of service by the NCHE are ACCESS, RELEVANCE, and QUALITY. Currently, all 3 are employed in the establishment of any tertiary institution in Liberia.
The PRESS and PUBLIC are encouraged to disclose the names and locations of bogus post-secondary institutions operating in their communities to the NCHE. The contact numbers for the public to reach are; 0775949743 / 0880514309.
Meanwhile, all accredited Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that have defaulted in payment of annual service fees to the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), are required to do so upon this notice. Failure to act immediately will leave the Commission to have your names published and recommended for further actions.

No: NAMES: Locations:
1. Miracle Center of God Nursing Aid-Training Institute. Soul Clinic Community, New Kaymah Town.
2. IEFUD Institute of Professional Studies (IIPS) Old Road, Congo Town.
3. Florence Nightingale Institute of Health Science. Living Bread Ministries INC, Red-Light, Paynesville city.
4. St. John Medical School. LBS Community, Paynesville City
5. T. FIVE Nursing School Neezoe Community, Paynesville City
6. Soko Sacicer Nursing School LBS Lover Street, Paynesville City
7. William Thomas School of Health Science Jacob’s Town, Somalia Drive Paynesville
8. Peace Home School of Health Assistant Neezoe Community, Somalia drive Paynesville
9. Faith Clinic Nursing School Red-Light, Paynesville City
10. Faith Institute of Medical Arts (FIMA) New Kaymah Town, Soul Clinic Paynesville
11. Kelthy’s School of Health Kpelleh Mansion 2nd Junction, City View Lower Johnsonville.
12. Leomor .V. School of Health n Morris Farm, Paynesville City
13. Markue Health Assistant Institute Logan Town, Bushrod Island