Republic of Liberia

                          National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE)

                                            S.D Cooper Road, Paynesville City




Paynesville, July 27, 2022: Monrovia, Liberia-The National Commission on Higher Educational (NCHE) has expressed deep concern over the proliferation of bogus Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) operating in Liberia. These institutions often deceive their students by claiming to be accredited by the NCHE to operate and provide higher education programs.

NCHE considers operating these fake institutions as a serious offence which undermines the government’s resolve to provide quality education to its citizens, so as to contribute to the national development agenda of the country.

Students are therefore advised to seek the appropriate information on the NCHE permit, which is publicly displayed on the bulletin boards of HEIs, before enrolling at any institution to avoid obtaining vain credentials.  

 Realizing the grave consequences of this situation, the NCHE has decided to institute, without delay, punitive measures against offenders caught flaunting the regulations.

The NCHE is also warning all existing or accredited Universities and Colleges that are in the habit of operating additional programs without notifying the Commission to desist from said practices, if caught, that institution will be fined by the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE).   

The NCHE encourages individuals and groups desirous to operate Colleges and Universities in Liberia to always contact the Commission at its S.D. Cooper Road Offices for information and guidance. Individuals can also obtain information from the Facebook page or at the following website:   

The NCHE is the arm of the Liberian Government charged with the regulation and supervision of higher education activities in the country. It is an established autonomous agency of the Government by an Act of the National Legislature, with the mandates  to: a) formulate broad policy guidelines for the establishment of institutions of higher education in Liberia, and to coordinate and serve as the principal liaison between institutions of learning commencing from the Post-Secondary level; b) Monitor, evaluate, and accredit all institutions of higher learning; c) Approve new and existing programs of higher education for funding, after having satisfied itself of their needs for national development; and, d) Review existing programs at institutions of higher education with the aim of establishing priority programs of study based on national needs.


As the regulatory arm of the Liberian Government for higher education, the NCHE is charged with licensing new institutions of higher learning with the appropriate designation of “Level” for program delivery. In this regard, it has adopted a “licensure” policy to accommodate all post-secondary institution in Liberia by providing Guidelines and Standards for Licensing Institutions and to ensure that prospective and existing institutions demonstrate the capacity to deliver the required quality of education. This is done by providing up-to-date instructional curriculum, faculty, library resources, personnel, student services, facilities and equipment that meet the demands of current realities of the socio-economic situations of Liberia.



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                  Mr. Emmanuel N. Gweh
                  Public Relations Officer


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                  Professor Edward Lama Wonkeryor, PhD